Top 4 Techniques For Extending Pleasure With A Luxury Model

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Sensual and playful, luxury escorts make the most of every minute they spend with their client so they can both enjoy it. That encounter should become almost a sexual ritual where all the senses are overturned. In this blog we have already talked about tantric sex in other occasions and we return to resort to it. Why? Because putting into practice your sexual techniques manual will prolong the pleasure by breaking all the schemes.

Who would not like to prolong the “climax” moment much more in their sexual relations? Sometimes a very fast ejaculation or the absence of preliminaries lead to that meeting is so fast that its participants stay with the honey on the lips.

For this reason, let yourself be guided by the best luxury Escort in Delhi, the  one you have chosen for your date. She will mark the way of that meeting so that the fun is guaranteed and you discover a new way to have sex and enjoy the double, that until now nobody had put before your eyes.

There are techniques and tricks to prolong sexual pleasure and one of our escorts at home will become the ideal teachers to teach you in this adventure.

How to Extend Pleasure with an escorts in Delhi?

Techniques to extend orgasm

TIP # 1: Sit with your legs open and your heels facing each other, while the deluxe escort of our Independent Escorts in Delhi agency climbs over you, placing your legs around your waist. As you exhale, she will inhale your air.

TIP # 2: Love every inch of your body, tell it what you like the most. You will feel rewarded and express what you feel and what you want with movements, moans or even techniques such as Dirty Talking.

TIP # 3: Walk your body with kisses, discovering which areas give you more pleasure. The harmonious rhythm of both will achieve a total synchronization that will allow the couple to know how intensely to kiss at any moment.

TIP # 4:  How to prevent man from ejaculating when he reaches orgasm? The key is in your power to control your breathing. For this reason, when you notice that the ejaculation is near, it is advisable to return to the initial caresses and the joint breathing to prolong the pleasure a little more.

When the moment arrives the orgasm will be a burst of unique sensations , much more intense than to put a simple dust, do not you think?

As you can see, sex always surprises that it is a magical experience. With the help of one of the luxury Russian Escorts in Delhi of our agency will be a joy to exercise all these Taoist sexual practices . Do not stay with the desire and you will see how together we will be the yin and the yang in perfect balance. Dare yourself!


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