Liam – Hyde Park Tantric The Best Tantric Massage in Hyde Park London Mon, 04 Nov 2019 11:30:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Have a Single Man’s winter with a B2B Massage Session! Mon, 04 Nov 2019 11:30:20 +0000 By the time you are in your twenties or early thirties, it is very common that most of your friends will be aired off into relationships, engaged, buying houses with their partners and having kids and while all of this is the ideal set-up for a lot of people, you shouldn’t get yourself down if you aren’t at this point in your life, or if you don’t want to ever be like that.

Whether you are happy and thriving as a single entity in the world or are happy to live an independent for a while before settling down, you should certainly make the most of your single days… and what better way to do so than to spice up your sex life with an erotic body to body massage session?

Here at Hyde Park Tantric, we are going to remind you of all the benefits of being single this winter!

    1. More time with friends & family – When we get into a relationship it is very common that we often tend to put all of our time and effort into our significant other which often means that other important relationships in our lives suffer. When you are single you have more time to equally spread your time and effort amongst your friends and family. It is important that we maintain these relationships while we are both single and in a relationship because no matter what, you will always need support from those closest to you.
    2. You have more time to focus on your career or studying – Being single ensures that you put yourself first and that you don’t have to put your career dreams or goals on hold because of somebody else. You have more time to work hard and study, therefore when you do get into a relationship, you won’t resent your partner for holding you back because you will already have done it all.
    3. You have more money – yes, it is true; you have more money to spend all on yourself! When in a relationship you often spend your dollar on going out for food, date nights, booking romantic getaways, which of course can be fun. However, when you are single you can spend your money on whatever you like and use your hard-earned money for yourself rather than a significant other.
    4. Being alone doesn’t scare you – One of the reasons many people get into a relationship, even if they don’t particularly want one, is because they are scared of being alone. Whether you feel pressured by family, friends or society to be loved up or perhaps you don’t like your own company and believe that being in a relationship validates your worth, more so than often we make this choice because in some form we are afraid of being alone. Taking a segment of your life to be by yourself not only helps you get to know yourself, but it also builds up your confidence and helps you to realise that you don’t need anyone else to complete you, and you are your own “other half.” You will also realise that you can’t be truly happy with someone else until you are happy by yourself and being single teaches you how to respect yourself.

You can have as many erotic body to body massages as you want – One of the best things about being single is that you have complete control over your sex life, and you can also differentiate being sex and love as well as exploring your body and what you enjoy in the bedroom. What better way to explore your sexuality than to have an erotic body to body massage?

A recent poll in the U.K showed that almost 2/3 single men have regular body to body massages. Erotic massage therapy can take many different forms and the level of sensuality is entirely up to the customer. The sessions are usually performed while both the masseuse ancient are fully naked as this is easier for movement and also more arousing for the customer. Using her hands and her whole physique, the masseuse will rub her body across yours, bringing intense levels of pleasure.

The close body to body contact is not only highly arousing for the erogenous areas of the body, but it is also very personal and intimate and gives men the chance to have a connection with a beautiful woman without the hassle of getting into an unwanted relationship.

Being single certainly has a lot more benefits than people think, I mean, who doesn’t want to have a body to body massage?

Looking to book your amazing Asian body to body in Hyde Park tonight? We have a beautiful selection of masseuses ready to make you feel great!

Why four hands is better for outcall Fri, 20 Sep 2019 15:33:02 +0000 Why an Asian 4 hands massage at your hotel is much better!

Four hands is by far the crème de la crème of erotic massages, but when we add outcall into the mix the service is even more luxurious. Four hands is SO much better as an outcall service – and here’s why…

It’s easier for you

Four hands outcall massage is a breeze from the moment you book, which can’t always be said for incall. With mobile visits, you can chill out at home with a glass of wine, while you browse the masseuse gallery to cherry-pick your two favourites for the massage. The massage can also be arranged by the click of one button. All you need to do is give the massage parlour your name and full address. You are then able to kick back and relax as you await the arrival of your gorgeous girls. With four hands incall massage, the booking process isn’t as straight forward. Erotic massages are super busy establishments with masseuses being in high demand. This means there is a high chance you’ll have to wait around while for two therapists to become available at the same time. Also with incall, you usually have no choice but to endure the grinds of London traffic and the Underground system as a way of making your way to the parlour. If you’re not familiar with the capital city this can make you feel a little stressed, not what you need just before a four hands. However, when you opt for outcall these niggles are put to one side.


It’s super discreet

Of course, erotic massage parlours do try to be discreet as possible.  Special measures they usually take is this is disguising the parlour as a private residence and not advertising their services from the building’s exterior. However, this doesn’t stop those who live close-by or other massaging goers knowing you are seeking an erotic massage – something many clients would prefer to remain a naughty secret. However, with four hands outcall you can be rest assured that your massage is a safe secret between yourself and your masseuses. All evidence of your booking including your name and address is erased at the end of the working day, which is something all British massage parlours adhere to under UK law. Also, the masseuses might be freaks in the sheets, but they sure are ladies in the streets. They will always arrive at your chosen location appropriately dressed, often wearing a long coat, trousers or a knee-length skirt. This ensures they will not draw any attention to themselves when arriving at your address and will be able to travel to you on the down-low. If your neighbours were to catch a glimpse of the girls they will probably mistake them for a few of your sophisticated acquaintances, not erotic masseuses! Your mind can be at ease that there’s nothing more discreet than a four hands outcall.


There’s more space

There’s no doubt that four hands incall is super fun. However, there can often be one issue – the lack of space. Most treatment rooms are often the size of a normal bedroom, comprising of a walk-in shower and a double bed. This might all seem well and good, but when you consider the logistics of getting down and dirty with not just one, but two therapists things soon to start to feel pretty cramped. However, when you book an outcall you never have to worry about space, as you get to enjoy the company of the two gorgeous girls in the comfort of your own home. You can be pretty spontaneous too, the stage is yours to make the most of the space! Why not commence the massage on your sofa, before turning up the heat in the bedroom? There’s always the opportunity to enjoy an assisted shower experience with your two masseuses if you really don’t want the fun to end. There’s just SO much more opportunity for indulging in your wildest fantasies with a four hands outcall massage.


Book a four hands outcall massage

Four hands massage is at the height of luxury and is certainly an experience you should add to your bucket-list. Here at Hyde Park Tantric we host a variety of gorgeous oriental masseuses who love nothing more than paying you a visit in your home, hotel or office space in the Greater London area. To get a quote for your location, check the therapist roster or make a booking then please dial our English-speaking booking agents today 07418342639. You can also have a look at our London based 4 Hands Oriental massage service.

The seven sexy ingredients for an ultra-delicious body to body massage Wed, 14 Aug 2019 10:47:48 +0000 The Seven Things you need for that special Body to Body massage

Body to body is a mouth-watering feast of all things sexy. Thinking of treating your partner to one? Then do be sure to stock up on our delicious ingredients for the most exquisite body to body massage.

Massage oil

Ok, so it goes without saying that oil is a must for a body to body massage. Do make sure you stock on lots of it so you can be generous with the amount you put on your partner. Being frugal with the amount of oil you use will lead to your strokes being more rough and ready, than smooth and sensual. To get the best out of the massage oil, warm the formula with your hands before drizzling and lathering it onto your partner’s bare skin.






With body to body massage, you want to create a super intimate setting for your partner – candles can help to achieve this. Dim the lighting and place copious candles around the room. However, do make sure they are in a safe distance away from the massage area – you don’t want to create a fire hazard! A bonus tip is to cherry-pick scented candles which have romance, relaxation and passionate properties which are sure to whisk your partner away to euphoria. Lavender, Chamomile and Vanilla aromas are our top recommendations.



A free house

Body to body massage is ridiculously romantic and unwinding, however, any disturbances interruptions are sure to deflate the sensual atmosphere. The last thing you want to hear is your flatmate groaning at the TV when you’re getting ultra jiggy with your partner. Instead, do plan your body to body massage when you have a free house. This also means you can take the fun to other rooms if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.




Lots of towels

Of course, body to body is dreamy, but it can also get a little messy. With bodily fluids and massage oil flying everywhere the chances of staining your sheets is pretty high. Therefore, we do recommend placing an old cloth and towels around your designated massage area. A bonus tip is to use dark towels and sheets because obviously, they are easier to clean after the massage has taken place.


No technology

To make the most of your body to body massage it’s important all technology is removed from the room. Turn the TV off, put laptops to one side and place your phones in another room. Any and we mean ANY interruptions will immediately deflate the pulse-racing pleasure.





Super sexy playlist

Another feature which can help with the sizzling atmosphere is an ultra-sexy playlist. We’re talking old school R&B, which is sure going to get you and your partner into a passionate mood. Do be sure to find a playlist which will last the entire duration of your body to body massage. Let’s be honest, getting up to change the music mid-frisk will likely deflate the super passionate atmosphere you have already achieved.



Warm bubble bath

The body to body massage might come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. A warm bubble bath shared with you and your partner is the perfect finale for your raunchy encounter. We recommend that you run the bath before your massage has taken place and leave it cool down while you get jiggy with your lady. Once you’ve finished massaging the water will be at a perfect temperature for some steamy fun. Not only does a bath help to wash off any excess bodily fluids and massage oil, but it also helps to cool your partner’s muscles down. Not to mention it also buys extra time to get wet ‘n’ wild with your loved one!



Book a body to body massage for yourself

Before you tease and tantalise your partner with B2B, why not trying the boobilious bodywork for yourself here at *company name*? We boast professional, seductive and authentic Asian masseuses who are trained to the highest of standards in the wonders of body to body massage. Our therapists are available for incall and outcall all over Central and Greater London for as little as £120ph. We can’t wait for B2B to change you and your partner’s life! So what are you waiting for? Dial our hotline to find out more today tel:07418342639. Or why not have a look at our Body to Body Massage in Hyde Park service page

Outcall massage Q+A – all of your burning questions answered Fri, 02 Aug 2019 11:08:39 +0000  All of your burning questions answered about outcall massage

If you’re seeking the crème de la crème of massages, then a great place to start would be an outcall massage. Outcall allows you to kick back and relax in a location of your choice as you await the stunning arrival of a five-star masseuse. To make you super prepared for your mobile visit, we have decided to run a client Q+A to get all of your burning questions answered…

  1. ‘What areas does your outcall cover? ☺@StevieG

Most of our clients opt for outcall in the Central Zone with popular hotspots including Mayfair, Paddington, Liverpool Street and Tower Hill. However, we do operate outcall to Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the Greater London area. Heathrow, Canary Wharf and Greenwich outcalls are common amongst clients who live further afield. To check if we cover your area, please contact our booking team with your postcode. They’ll have a response with you in minutes about the availability in your location.

  1. ‘How much is outcall?’ @HarryAgola101

Of course, outcall varies in price depending on where you are and the distance to your location from the massage parlour. As a guideline, Central London outcall starts from £150 for a happy ending and £200 full service. Zone 2 rates (including South Kensington and Whitechapel) start from £160ph. While locations in Zone 5 which include Heathrow Airport are available from £180ph. The booking team will be able to give you an accurate price when you inform them about your postcode. All outcall packages include the masseuse’s transport costs within the fee.

  1. ‘Can I get an outcall with more than one girl?@RyanJenk

Yes, outcall is available with more than one girl. The service is called four hands and is available from just £240.

  1. ‘Can I get outcall to my office?’ @Donald66666

Here at Hyde Park Tantric our company policy is that outcalls have to be conducted in a private treatment room with only the masseuse and client being present. Therefore, if you have your own private workspace then sure go ahead with an outcall.

  1. ‘How far should I book in advanced?’ @JamesHunt88

Most parlours (including ours) only take on the day bookings for both incall and outcall services, with the phone lines opening from 10 am to take appointments. If you’re feeling spontaneous and want to book a massage for as soon as possible, you can expect to wait 30 to 45 minutes for Central London and around an hour for locations further afield. During busier working periods (Friday and Saturday nights) and peak-time traffic, we advise you give a little more notice in booking an outcall for your desired time.

  1. ‘Can I have couples outcall?@Linda101bby

Yes, here at Hyde Park Tantric we offer couples massage to hotels, private residences and serviced apartments in London. With couples massage, we always give you the opportunity to enjoy the company of one or two of our stunning masseuses. To find out more about our couples massage service, please contact our reception team.

  1. ‘Is outcall massage discreet?@EdenPyexx

Here at Hyde Park Tantric, we take special measures to ensure our outcall services are ultra-discreet. Though they may provide erotic massage, our therapists will make the journey and arrive at your location appropriately dressed (usually wearing jeans, long trousers and dresses) This ensures the general public will not bat an eyelid and will probably just mistake her for an Avon lady.

  1. ‘Do I need to provide my own condoms?@MoKhan12

No, an unlimited amount of condoms are provided by your masseuse for free.

  1. What time can I get an outcall?@Trevorrrr

We understand that many of our clients are busy businessmen with super hectic work commitments; therefore we operate a flexible outcall service which can be catered around your schedule. We operate outcall 10 am to 3 am, seven days a week with our only day of rest being Christmas day. We sure do love to look after you!

Book an outcall massage today!

Here at Hyde Park Tantric we have a delicious range of oriental therapists who love nothing more than teasing and tantalising your naughty taste-buds in the comfort of own your own home. If you would like to enquire about our availability or make a booking contact our around the clock booking line today on 07418342639 if you require more information our outcall massage services please feel free to visit our Outcall Erotic Massage service page.

How a Nuru massage can help you in more ways than you think! Mon, 13 May 2019 10:16:16 +0000 How a Nuru massage can help your inner self

Nuru massage therapy truly is a unique and exceptional style of massage therapy that is quickly becoming well known across the Coco a beautiful Nuru masseuse in Londonglobe for its soothing and pleasurable nature. Massage therapy in general is ideal for combatting muscular pain or tension, freeing the mind of anxiety, helping you with self-esteem and confidence issues as well as helping you to relax in this hectic world. However, a Nuru massage is the next step up and is known to bring the client levels of calmness and a sense of wholeness that is not only automatic but lasting.

…So, what exactly is a Nuru massage? A Nuru massage is an erotic massage style that has the aim of not only bringing sexual pleasure but helping you to feel mentally healthy. Originating in Kawasaki, Japan, the Japanese word “Nuru” derives from the word “slippery.” Nuru gel is made up of nori seaweed and other natural extracts. It is clear and odourless and is suitable for all skin types. Once the masseuse applies the Nuru gel onto your naked body she will use her entire physique to massage and caress you, reaching every aspect of your body and bringing you relief. Nuru massage is popular due to the use of Nuru gel but it is also loved due to the fact it is very intimate and has a lot of physical contact that other traditional massages do not.

We have talked with some of our clients who receive regular Nuru massage sessions to find out exactly why they have them and the benefits it has on them both mentally and physically!

(Rasheed, 32) “As someone who receives various different types of traditional and erotic massages each month, I am always most pleased after a Nuru massage session. This unique massage style pushes the boundaries and is not only pleasurable but fulfilling and beneficial to the body and mind. Initially I was interested in it purely for sexual gratification but after a few minutes into my first session I could tell that it would have many positive outcomes for me. The private room in the massage parlour is always clean and the sheets are always fresh, I am always offered the chance to have a shower before the session begins which really sets the tone and helps me settle into a relaxed atmosphere. Although I have sensitive skin, the Nuru gel always feels cool and gentle on my body and in fact my skin is always glowing for numerous days after my session. I always enjoy the intimacy of this massage style as I have quite a busy lifestyle and do not have time to dedicate to a committed relationship, therefore Nuru massage therapy provides me with this.”

(Tyler, 25) “I was quite a late bloomer when it came to puberty which meant that when it came to facial hair, my voice dropping and girls, all my friends were way ahead in the game compared to me. When I started university I was still a virgin and although I had hit puberty by then and was quite a handsome young man, I still had self-esteem issues from my teenage years which carried on into my early twenties and affected by romantic relationships drastically. I was too scared to become intimate with a girl, even if I trusted her as I feared that I was too skinny, my chest wasn’t hairy enough  or that my penis wasn’t big enough. Nuru massage therapy not only helped me to love and accept my body the way it is, it taught me that there is no “perfect” way to look. Once I accepted my appearance for how it was it had a huge knock on effect for my confidence and I became a happier and more positive person. The intimacy of a Nuru massage enabled me to let down my guard and I found that I was a lot more open with new sexual partners. A massage style such a Nuru is so much more than feeling pleasure, it is about awakening the happiness within yourself that you deserve. Too many people a Nuru massage may simply be a physical act but for me it is a cleanse of the mind, body and soul.”

(Pablo, 58) “I have been sexually active since my very early teens and this accumulated with years of watching porn and having more sexual partners than the average person comes with the negative impact of desensitization. This became a major issue for me in my later life and had a particularly bad impact on both my last two marriages. Marriage should be intimate and personal, especially when it comes to sex, however I was unable to bring this to the table in both my marriages and this resulted in both of them ending. I was so out of touch with my body and although I loved both my partners, I found it extremely difficult to connect how my mind felt with how my body felt. It took extreme measures to give me an erection and of course my ex partners did not feel comfortable with participating in the activities that helped me and I do not blame them. I decided to start Nuru massage therapy as not only is sexually pleasing but it is known for helping you mentally as well. After one session I could feel the benefits and it was a lot easier to intertwine my physical with my mental. I learned to control my body more and to enjoy the journey of pleasure rather than working towards the ultimate goal of climaxing.”

Ready to book your Nuru massage?

Looking to book your incall Asian nuru massage in London? Or you can give us a call on 07418342639,


Five things to do before your first prostate massage Mon, 01 Apr 2019 13:02:37 +0000 Prostate massage is seductive, adventurous and enticing – providing you with next level thrills which can only be compared to euphoria. Despite how bloody pleasurable prostate massage can be, it is a given that you maybe a little nervous before having a prostate treatment. Having a gorgeous girl slip her sensual fingertips inside your anus might not be something which happens regularly. To steady them first-time nerves follow these tips, you can thank us with a moan and groan later…

Our List of tips before your first Prostate massage

  1. Do shower

Come on guys, an erotic therapist doesn’t want to be massaging your stinky boy – showering is must. Not only is good hygiene common courtesy, but there is also evidence which suggests the warm water unwinds your muscles, which is beneficial if you’re all tensed up with nerves. We understand that the majority of erotic massage clientele may visit us on their lunch break or after a long working day, therefore you needn’t worry you need to rush home for a quick bathe beforehand. Most parlours across London often a complimentary shower service, completed with free towels and soaps which you can use before your session. Showering is guaranteed to set you up for the perfect prostate massage.

  1. Only eat a sugar-fuelled snack

With other erotic massages, there’s usually a bit of leeway in how much you can eat before your treatment. However, as prostate massage is centred on massaging your anus you need to avoid all stodgy food for at least two hours beforehand. A bowel explosion is definitely not what you need when you have a prostate massage. In exceptional circumstances when you may feel a little lightheaded then do feel free to tuck into a light snack, such as a muesli bar or a piece of fruit. This should stop your stomach from grumbling for the duration of the massage!

  1. Do arrive on time

With a prostate massage involving a standard body to body treatment, the prostate play and the sexy bits, there’s a lot to pack into one hour fun. Therefore boys, do make sure you arrive on time! For your first prostate massage it’s important to discuss your preferences with the masseuse beforehand so they’ll be able to mould the bodywork to suit your pleasure. A bonus tip is to arrive a little earlier than your appointment, as this will always guarantee you the choice of which gorgeous girl you have for your massage.

  1. Don’t worry about shaving

Desiring a prostate massage but aren’t keen on the thought of shaving your bum hole? Well don’t panic as prostate therapists do prefer it au natural! Let’s be honest, if you are an erotic therapist and are bothered about a little bit of hair you’re definitely in the wrong job. So put the razor down boys, shaving is definitely not essential!

  1. Do wear comfortable clothes

Prostate massage is performed with yourself and the therapist naked (unless you request otherwise) Therefore, its important you can easily slip in and out of your clothes. The less time it takes to undress, the more time you have for sexy fun with your seductive masseuse – it’s that simple! Of course, there is no dress code at an erotic massage parlour, so if you are a little strapped for time and want to come in your work clothes then don’t feel obliged to get changed beforehand.

Booking your first Prostate massage with one of our beautiful Asian masseuses

Ready to take the plunge and book a pulse-racing prostate massage? Then phone our 24 hour hotline to arrange your sexy session today. Here at Hyde Park Tantric we host a delicious team of oriental therapists who have trained in the art of prostate play in their home countries China, Japan and Korea. Now they find themselves in the bright lights of London town to showcase their slip ‘n’ slide sensational talents on the gentlemen of the city. Our prostate packages are luxurious, professional and discreet – and are available for a bargain price of £150 per at one of our lavish Zone 1 parlours. Clients who want to beat the grinds of London traffic or kick back and relax as soon as the session is booked can opt for outcall at a location of their choice. Expect to pay a little extra for a mobile visit, but it definitely is worth it to be pampered like a king in your own home or hotel suite. Remember guys, we are just one call away to make you (and your prostates day) day… Interested call us on 07418342639.or why not have a look at our Oriental Prostate massage in London.

Is porn making you impotent? Solve your problem with a Tantric massage. Wed, 13 Mar 2019 12:41:12 +0000 When you think of a young male, the thoughts horny, fertile and bountiful can often spring to mind. However, recent surveys have shown that up to a third of young men are now experiencing erectile dysfunction. While some prefer not to speak about it and their suffering in silence is also making their sex life suffer, many are turning to outrageously extreme measures such as penile transplants – absolutely bonkers right?

With campaigns such as ‘Ed is dead’ bombarding the London underground and constant television adverts luring men into buying different brands of Viagra, maybe the solution is to find out what exactly it is that are making our younger generation of men impotent and alternative ways we can solve the issue.

It seems that one of the biggest problems and conductors of erectile dysfunction is high exposure to pornographic videos and content. Porn can be a very dissociative experience and you are depending on something that is quite far removed from you to arouse you. The more porn you watch the higher your arousal threshold is and you find that although your mind may be stimulated by what you see, you cannot transfer these feelings physically to your body.

Many men who have suffered from this issue have stated that they overcame it by beginning Tantric massage therapy and that this spiritual massage style helped them to connect their body and mind. I’ve talked with one of the young men who has suffered from erectile dysfunction that has severely had an impact on their relationships, sex life, their confidence and their mental health. Josh swears by Tantric massage therapy for helping them to curve their porn addiction and to have a regular and healthy sex life.

What the people we interviewed had to say on the matter

Josh, 23 – “I began watching porn from quite a young age, around nine or ten years old I would say. I have quite reserved Christian parents who do not like to speak about sex and I attended a Christian school where Sex Education was basically non-existent as we were told simply to “not have sex.” I was very curious and hit puberty at quite a young age, however, I felt dirty and ashamed about being interested in knowing more about anything remotely sexual, which is why I turned to porn. I felt as if I shouldn’t be watching it, which is what led to me watching it excessively, it was like some sort of thrill and something I had to myself which wasn’t very common when you have strict, religious parents who try control every aspect of your life. It wasn’t until I went to university and started to have sex that I realised the damage porn had on me. My girlfriend at the time broke up with me because of my inability to perform and she even spread around that I was gay due to me not being able to get an erection despite her best efforts. I tried Viagra which did work, but I was never able to orgasm, therefore the sex wasn’t enjoyable and I felt as if I was doing it simply to prove a point.

I decided to speak to a good friend about my problem and he suggested that I paid a visit to the erotic massage parlour that he goes to. At first, I was quite sceptical, but once he told me about the Tantric massage service I was very keen to try it as it sounded like a natural way to gain back drive and ability to have an erection.

When I arrived at the massage parlour the masseuse was warm and welcoming which automatically lifted the pressure and made me feel at ease. She led me into a room with dimmed lights and candles, with relaxing music playing. The atmosphere was serene and calm and as soon as she began to massage my body I entered into a state of relaxation. She performed a full body to body massage on me while we were both fully naked which was of course arousing, however, it never felt as if the purpose of the experience was a sexual pleasure. I felt my mind, body and soul connect and was more aware of erogenous zones in my body and how they could have a positive effect on my body. It truly was an experience that helped me overcome my erectile dysfunction.”


Looking for your very own massage maybe try our Tantric massage east London service? Why not our friendly reception team a call on 07418342639


Life before and afrer a Lingam massage Thu, 07 Mar 2019 14:52:15 +0000 “Gary, 34, tells us of how he had self-esteem and confidence issues that almost drove him to suicide – until he received a lingam massage”

Life Before Lingam

Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and depression are all issues that so many people across the world suffer from on a daily basis. I guess one thing I have in common with these people is the fact that these feelings grow from a life experience that we have had, that in turn, affects us for many years in a negative way. For many years I tortured myself for feeling like this, and it wasn’t until I was much older I came to understand that is was not my fault.

I grew up just outside of London with my parents and my two older brothers. Both my older brothers were intelligent, handsome Growing up in Londonand incredible at sport. I, on the other hand, was the runt of the family. Although there was only a year between each of us, they towered over me, their voices sounding like men by the age of sixteen, while I sounded like a little girl. I wasn’t the best looking guy ever, while they got my mother’s dark hair and hazel eyes, I got my dad’s wiry ginger locks and white pasty skin. People would complement my mother on my brother’s looks and size when we were out and about and simply dismissed that I was even there. This stemmed a huge lack of confidence in my character and I became a recluse. I didn’t want to go out with my family, I pretended that they weren’t my brothers because I was so sick of being compared to them, and I didn’t have any friends. I spent most of my evenings home alone in my room playing the PlayStation, with zero interaction with others. I was angry and hated my appearance, I blamed myself for getting the bad side of the gene pool and it affected me terribly. I resented my brothers and my relationship with my parents had gone downhill. I was lonely, and I was a loner.

These feelings of self-hate and self-loathing continued and only increased further when I went to university. However, I moved up north to Manchester and took this as an opportunity to reinvent myself. Nobody knew me here, and even if I suffered my self-esteem issues and had no confidence, I could always pretend I did. Who would know, right?

After a few months at university I met a girl who had also joined the gaming society. She seemed quite introverted and shy which suited me, because I was very similar. We began to date and after a while we became very close which I was nervous about because I was still a virgin. This is where it all went downhill for me and my confidence hit rock bottom. When we were about to have sex, I was already extremely conscious about my body. However, it got even worse when she proceeded to make fun of my penis size, which resulted in us not having sex and breaking up. I was hurt, sad and mortified. I felt disgusting and worthless, like I would never deserve anybody’s love or affection. I stayed away from females for the next number of years after this.

Life after Lingam

The next ten years after this were very lonely and sad for me. At the age of thirty I was still a virgin and had not touched a girl since that horrible night. My relationship with my brothers had become closer, however I lied to them and pretended that I would go on dates with girls and that I had a lot of sex, which of course was not true.

However, little did I know my fate and life were about to change drastically. My oldest brother was getting married and for his stag do his friends decided that we should visit an erotic massage parlour in central London. I was panicked but couldn’t say no and blow my cover, and not participate in my own brother’s stag do. When we arrived at the massage parlour, the masseuse took me by the hand into a private room and undressed me. She asked me what service I wanted and I pointed my finger at the first option I could see on the menu. “I will give you a lingam massage” she said in a cute, oriental accent. I had no idea what I was in for, but it turned out to be life changing for me.

A man receiving a Lingam massage in LondonI was soon to find out that a lingam massage was an erotic massage that focuses mainly on the penis, tending to it and worshipping it. She gave me a full body to body naked massage which made me very aroused. Afterwards, she used her hands and fingers to rub up and down my penis which felt amazing. She applied lubricant on it which made the movement easier, creating a great level of pleasure for me. She then put my penis inside her mouth, using her tongue and lips to move my skin up and down, gently but firmly. Before I knew it she got on top of me and inserted my penis inside herself, moving up and down on it before I climaxed. It was the most intense feeling of my life.

For so many years I was ashamed of how I looked and embarrassed about my penis size. However, the masseuse helped me to come to terms with accepting myself and made me feel good about myself. I learnt to sop comparing myself to others, especially my brothers and celebrate who I am as a person. Receiving a lingam massage certainly changed my life.  I recommend anyone who suffers like I did in the past to try erotic massages, not only do they make you calm and at one with yourself, they also feel incredible. I never thought I would learn so much about myself from a massage.

If you are in the central London area and want to try an erotic massage, then please contact us via email, SMS or phone call to book an appointment. WE are open daily from 10am-3am, with a selection of highly trained masseuses to choose from. Our massage therapists are from China, Japan and Korea; therefore you will always receive an authentic session with us.

Intrested in recieveing a Lingam massage of your own? Have a read of our  Asian Lingam massage in London page or give us a call on 07418342639.

Seven erotic massage myths explained Thu, 28 Feb 2019 11:03:06 +0000 In the 21st Century, erotic massage is very much a taboo subject which sadly causes many myths to circulate the erotic world. However, here at Hyde Park Tantric, we believe it’s about time we put a stop to these ridiculous misconceptions, here are seven erotic massage myths explained..

‘Erotic masseuses are just prostitutes’

Believe it or not, calling an erotic masseuse a prostitute is super offensive. Many high-class erotic masseuse (just like the ones who work for us) have undergone intense training at some of the leading massage schools in Asia. Here they have been taught the highest expertise in the art of Tantra, seduction and edging. After they complete their training programme, the masseuses are hand-picked to work for some of the best parlours around the world, based not only upon their beauty, but their fine talents as well. Sex is only a small part of their job. The masseuses have worked hard to get where they are, so to refer to them as prostitutes is disrespectful.

‘Erotic massage is illegal’

Erotic massage being against the law is arguably one of the most ridiculous myths there is. Of course, the British government is quite strict when it comes to sex laws, however erotic massage is completely legal. This is because whatever goes on between two consensual adults after the massage is entirely their choice and isn’t something the law can interfere with.

Some people often believe that they don’t advertise erotic massage outside of the parlours because it is illegal. However,  this is actually to respect the clients who usually are seeking a discreet service. So, next time you have an erotic massage you can feel relaxed in knowing the cops aren’t going to come and intrude!

‘Erotic massage is just sex’

While sex can be an element of an erotic massage, it isn’t always essential. Erotic massage is basically a full body massage which also stimulates the erogenous zones. Whether you want this to be done by hand relief, oral or penetration (or maybe all three) is entirely your choice. You can always discuss with the therapist at the start of your session about what they offer and what you would like your service to include.

‘Erotic massages are performed in seedy locations’

As mentioned earlier, erotic massage is a high-class treatment and therefore needs to be performed in a setting which matches its lavishness – it would be super weird for the bodywork to be performed in a dingy location, like many people believe. Instead, erotic massages are usually offered in plush apartment suites and houses in some of the country’s most exclusive postcodes. The parlours are often mistaken for the upmarket residences of the elite, which will make you feel at the height of luxury when you visit for a session. Many parlours often offer a luxurious outcall service, where erotic massage can be performed in an address of your choice for a slightly higher fee.

‘Only sleazy men get erotic massages’

No, no they don’t. There are many other reasons to get an erotic massage which go beyond just getting your sexual needs fulfilled. Erotic massage is a powerful reliever of stress, low moods and aches which makes it a popular service with respectable businessmen. These men often visit the parlour on their lunch break or after a long day at the office as a chance to unwind and relax. To perceive erotic massage clients as sleazy is extremely shallow.

‘Only men can get erotic massages’

If you believe that only men can get erotic massages then you’re definitely living in the past – it’s the 21st century, women enjoy a bit of sexy time too! The female version of erotic massage is known as a yoni massage and stimulates the erogenous zones around the vagina. Many parlours (including ours) now offer couples erotic massage, where you can enjoy the company of one or two therapists with your partner.

‘Erotic massage isn’t that popular’

You might be surprised, but erotic massage is a super popular service and continues to flourish with more and more clientele year on year. We believe this is because erotic massage is finally being recognised for its health and wellbeing benefits, as well as for fulfilling your sensual needs. Erotic massage is particularly popular in busy cities including London, New York and Tokyo where many tourists and businessmen seek the service at all hours of the day.  One look on the Internet and you’ll find out the world brimming with erotic massage parlours.

Now we’ve put these erotic massage myths to bed why not get hot under the covers yourself with a smoking hot masseuse? Our Hyde Park Tantric escorts are based in various incall parlours across Central London and also offer outcall service to as far as Heathrow. Erotic packages are available for as little as £120 for one hour. We are just one call away to make your day.. Have a look at our Erotic Massage Hyde Park service page or give us a call on 07418342639.

Nuru Magic! Tue, 19 Feb 2019 17:05:31 +0000 Although Nuru massage therapy may have originated in Japan, it has seeped its way into British culture over the last number of years and has become a favourite amongst clients. However, many men are still rather apprehensive about trying them simply because they are not educated on exactly what they are, and how they can bring you pleasure in many different ways.

So, I am here to be your Nuru Fairy Godfather and use my magical charm to guide you step by step and teach you every last detail you need to know about the ever sought after, Nuru massage!

What exactly is a Nuru massage you may ask…?

A Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage style that is performed while the masseuse and client are both fully naked. The masseuse will use a special type of gel known as Nuru gel that she spreads across the client’s body. She will then use her naked body to rub the gel into yours. The purpose of the Nuru gel is to make it easier for the masseuse to rub her body against yours, which will help you to become a lot more aroused and makes it easy for you to climax.

Where did Nuru massage originate from?

Nuru massage originates from Japan, in the city of Kawasaki. The word “nuru” derives from the Japanese language and means “slippery/slide”.  Although it has been passed down throughout the centuries in Asia, it has only been recently that it has become known and popular in the Western world too and thank God for that.

What is Nuru Gel?

Nuru masseuses use a special gel that is odourless and colourless and is made out of seaweed leaves which is then turned into a lotion type gel. The seaweed gel is very good for your skin, and also works fine on sensitive skin. It has also been said to cure many different skins conditions that some clients have had, which is most likely due to its natural ingredients.

Where can I get one in London?

Nuru massage therapy has really taken London by storm over the last year, with the number of men asking for them and massage parlours offering them has increased by a lot. There are lots of hidden gems across London, especially the many central London massage parlours that are offering erotic massages. If you are a local, or perhaps just a visitor to the U.K capital, you will be able to experience a Nuru massage in places such as Marylebone and South Kensington at a relatively cheap price.

Who performs the Nuru massage?

If you want an authentic erotic massage, then visiting an Asian massage parlour should definitely be on your list of things to do in London. The girls are usually from China, Japan and Korea, with some massage parlours also having Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese ladies too. The reason erotic massages, particularly Nuru massages, are performed so much better by Oriental women is simply because it originated in their country and it is within their culture. They know the theory, history and practical sides of any erotic massage – and this makes a perfect masseuse. Most of them have had to train at the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia before they were even considered to come to the U.K and work, therefore their skill and talent has to be of a very high standard.

What other massages does a Nuru massage go well with? A Nuru massage usually goes best with a “happy ending” massage or a “full service” massage, because you receive an orgasm from either hand relief, oral or sex afterwards. The Nuru massage is a great way to warm up and allow your body to become aroused. You will make a connection with the masseuse and build a bond, which will make you feel more comfortable when it comes to the more sexual side of things. Most clients opt for these however you can also try it with a prostate massage or a lingam massage, whatever you feel like.

If you would like to book a Nuru massage or an erotic massage at one of our central London massage parlours then please contact us via phone call on 07418342639 or email. Our friendly receptionist will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have regarding our services. You can also have a look at our Nuru Massage service page for London. We are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, providing both incall and outcall services in many different areas in London. We look forward to seeing you!