Some Naughty Tips To Have A Arousing Night With An Escort

Sex can never get boring, but when its repeated through a routine, it can be dull and drab. When it comes to hiring an escort for a playful date or a romantic night, its nothing new to be surprised with a new kink every time. Each and every escort has some sort of kink on her own. So, if you are planning to hire an escort and want to switch things up a little to get that spark revived up once more, here are some tips:

· The Pornstar Effect

Perhaps, it is not so much a game, but the pornstar effect challenge can be done by either one of you choosing a particular or your favorite porn video, and role playing as well as engaging in the same act as similarly as possible you can. This can surely spice the intimate session.

· The Guessing Game

In starting, this game can be a little frustrating – but pays out in the end. You can have your partner stand further from the bed as you’re completely naked and ask him a set of naughty questions. For every answer she gets right, she is allowed one step closer to the bed. For every answer she gets wrong, she has to take a step back. 

· Race to Cum

This game is played with a little bit of cheekiness and inappropriateness. Just lie down next to your partner naked and start masturbating. Put a timer and measure how long it takes t cum. The person who wins gets to demand the sexual favors or has to be rewarded with oral sex from the loser – it can turn out to be interesting.

· The Blindfold game

Last but not the least, the blindfold game is done by completely blindfolding your partner and leave them on guessing to find you in the room. Place some incorporate satin cloths, undergarments, feathers, ice cubes, furs and other stuff around the room to arouse them.

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