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Hello, gentleman. I am Bella. Private, confidential, sweet companion for a discerning gentleman in need of a ravishing seductress, based in Moscow where you will experience the essence of youth, beauty, and intellect.

I will fulfill your fantasies with a passion that is uniquely suited to you, the distinguished gentleman. You will be left with an unforgettable experience and quite possibly a desire to see me again and again. I am excited by the possibility of meeting you and being that very special companion that you seek.






I love the world of Bella where I can meet upscale gentlemen in great locations to create memorable experiences. I can blend into any situation, elegant or casual. The men I spend time with derive a unique pleasure from knowing that I make a special difference during our time together. I bring you seduction, sensuality, passion and a complete sense of satisfaction meant especially for you. I offer a unique experience rather than a brief encounter.


My companionship is dedicated to you. I want nothing complicated and only the sheer pleasure that our time together offers. Protecting our everyday lives requires that I insist on safe and consistent boundaries. I do not want our time together to spill over, outside of our special arrangement, for your sake and mine. I pride myself on being discrete and confidential and would ask the same of you.


Are you ready to spend time in the world of Bella? 

All suggestion is a personal confidential affair.



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