a b2b massage in soho london

Stages of getting your first body-to-body massage

Body-to-body massage, the crème de la crème of adult services and of the most sought massages in the city of London. Every day sees new men visiting erotic massage parlours to trial the infamous body-to-body massage and fall in love with the sexy service. Booking your first B2B stimulates a cocktail of emotions and feelings, […]


a man getting a 4 hands massage in a london hotel

2 Masseuses: a hotel treat

Coming to London town on holiday or for a business trip? Fancy making sure the good times roll? Then think about booking yourself in for an erotic massage. Interested? Why not really treat yourself and book two girls at once. That’s right, ever fantasised about having a threesome? Well not only could your few nights […]


a client recieveing a 4 hands massage in London

Why two sets of hands are better than one

A four hands massage isn’t just having two masseuses give you a massage at the same time; the masseuses synchronize, mirroring each other’s movements creating one fluid, intense motion. The unique effect of a four hand massage is a mesmerising euphoric state where you will be unable to tell where one hand begins and the […]


a woman answering questions about an asian erotic massage in london

Erotic massage customers ask the strangest things

When you think of call centre work, three words probably spring to mind – dull, boring and stressful. However, that has to be quite the opposite of the call centre at Erotic Adult Massage. Our days are wonderfully whacky and are made by our clients asking the weirdest things. It’s hard to whittle down all […]


a persona getting a full service asian massage at a massage parlour

Full service erotic massages… cheating or not?

A question that circles the World Wide Web in forums and chat rooms persists: ‘is getting a full service erotic massage cheating?’ And really it’s always going to come down to a matter of perspective. Opinions around anything remotely to do with sex have always polarised people and you will never find a clear cut […]


The many health benefits of happy ending massages

There are very obvious reasons to get a happy ending massage, but there may be many additional benefits you haven’t considered. This isn’t a sleazy and rushed sexual encounter, but a full massage with expertly built arousal, leading to an intense orgasm. The health benefits of that aspect alone are huge, but there are plenty […]


The History of happy endings (and we don’t mean Disney!)

Sex and massage go hand in hand. Many people use it as a way to get their partner in the mood, or to relax before doing the deed.  Some take it to the level a professional art, and that’s where we come in. Happy ending massages are popular across the globe, and are especially associated […]


a man getting a b2b massage in london

How Body to Body massage can help your mental health

Mental health is one of the big topics of discussion of modern day society. Are people receiving the right help? Is the decline of mental health a result of poor understanding? Could we be doing more to help those who are suffering from mental health issues? Events such as mass shootings, terrorist attacks and gruesome […]


a couple performing an asian erotic massage in london

6 Signs You Need An Erotic Massage

Oh, what a good and relaxing feeling it is to have a proper massage – especially a sensual massage. The feeling is awesome, it helps you forget all your problems and will relieve the stress and tensions built up from everyday life. It is important that you go to a masseuse that can do it […]


Guarantee sex with your girl using these erotic massage tips

Found your girl would rather be messaging her mates, binging a series, getting an early night instead of getting it on? Relax it happens to the best of us. It doesn’t mean you’re bad in bed or that her eyes are elsewhere, with relationships there always comes a time when things get a bit samey. […]