Prostate Massage Service in London

Want to shred all of your stresses in the most blissful way possible? Then it looks like you’ve come to the right place. Our unwinding massaging services are seasoned with sexual pleasure, giving you a release in more ways than one! Based in London’s Soho district, we offer an incall and outcall service to most addresses in London. We’re also open 365 days a year, meaning you’ll never miss out on our soothing TLC.

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a style which goes much further than the generic erotic services we offer. Maybe self-explanatory, it’s the only service which turns its attention to your prostate gland and boy it feels damn good.

A prostate session begins similar to all our other massages, with a full body massage with both you and the masseuse naked. Once your body is turned on she will navigate you onto your back and gently wet her finger, before slipping it inside. Firstly, she’ll go slow, soothing the prostate gland and giving you a sexual climax like no other. But just wait until she hits your G-spot – this is bound to send your brain into frenzy.

Prostate massage is also known as a ‘prostate milking service’ this is because the techniques manually stimulate the release of sperm and trapped sexual fluid through the prostate duct. When the build-up of fluid is released you’ll be mesmerised sensational orgasms, which struggle to be achieved by other arousal techniques.

Kiko - Japanese prostate masseuse

Why should I get a prostate masseuse?

So you’re probably thinking prostate massage is for the adventurous, but the service actually goes much further than satisfying those with a deliciously daring appetite. It’s often used to help those who suffer from prostatitis, prostate duct blockages and painful urination. Of course, if you don’t suffer a prostate problem, the massage is still worth your while. It’s the only massage which awakens the G-spot, promising you a unique flurry of spine-tingling happy endings.

Where can I get this massage?

We offer prostate massage at every one of our Central London parlours, with each and every one of our masseuses being trained in the service. We understand sometimes our clients are strapped for time, so prostate massage is available for outcall to most locations across the city. Both our services run from 10am until 3am, seven days a week and incorporate everything you need for the perfect prostate experience. Stress free and totally relaxing, all you have to do is provide yourself for the massage!

Ready to book a masseuse?

So we hope we’ve tickled your G-spot enough to try prostate massages, believe us boys – just you see what you’ve been missing out on!  From the moment you pick up the phone, our service is super relaxing and rejuvenates your tired body from the get-go.

All of our services come with a complimentary shower with soap and towels before and after your massage. You also have the choice of which oils you want the therapist to use throughout your session. And even better, you cherry-pick which hot oriental masseuse you have for your steamy encounter. We have gorgeous Chinese, Japanese and Korean ladies who are all blessed with the most alluring beauty. As our motto goes our masseuses are ladies in the streets, freaks in the sheets.

It really doesn’t get much better than a prostate massage at Erotic Adult Massage. All you have to do is give us a dial and book today.

Saski - Masseuse

Prostate Massage Costs

Prostate massage starts at £130 p/h for incall and £160 p/h for outcall bookings (includes therapist’s transports fees) for a full breakdown of prices see table below.

Incall Prices

London Incall Massage Price List

Outcall Prices

London Outcall Massage Price List

Frequently Asked Questions & More Information

We know that you all have some sensitive questions about this exciting form of massage, so why not have a quick read through our commonly asked questions here in our faq and then have a look through the linked articles to gain a better understanding of the arousal and bliss you are have in-store for you at the best prostate massage parlour in London:

Is there an extra charge for prostate massage?

Yes, prostate massage is £30 extra for incall and £20 outcall. This is due to the therapist massaging new areas of your body and the expense of oils needed to perform the perfect prostate experience..

Can I have full service with prostate massage?

Yes, all of our delicious styles come with the added option of having the full service. You can choose to have oral and penetration experience before or after the therapist has massaged your prostate.

Will a prostate massage hurt?

Generally speaking, a prostate massage shouldn’t hurt but it can be a little uncomfortable at the beginning. To ease yourself into it, make sure you relax your muscles – the full body massage before the prostate experience should help. Once you’re in the midst of your prostate massage you’ll experience orgasmic pleasure like never before.

Should I go to the toilet beforehand?

If needed, please make sure you go to the toilet before your session. A full bowel not only makes the massage discomforting for you, but can also make things messy for the masseuse! The easy it is for the therapist to massage your prostate gland, the more you will get out of your session.

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