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Tantric Massage Therapy

At Pure tantric massage as you could have guessed are specialty is of course authentic tantric massage which for anyone that doesn’t know much on the subject it originates from India and was first conceived by Hindu’s thousands of years ago.

The main purpose of tantric massage in tantra teaching is to find out how to arouse sexual energy in the body and then also to open up and channel energy through energy pathways (chakra’s) in the body which connects body and mind and ultimately leads to a much deeper full body orgasm.

Strangely enough the main aim of a tantric massage is not orgasm but is is nevertheless a quite important by product for a lot of people endulging in the tantra experience. The whole tantric ritual is something that really celebrates the whole being and gets you into a deeply relaxed state through the various breathing exercises where you can experience sensual touch and pleasure from the masseuse. This therapy will increase your self-confidence your sexual energy and capacity for sexual pleasure as well as promoting inner peace throughout the body and mind.

Tantric massage can be very beneficial to those that have issues with things like loss of libido or other issues such as premature ejaculation as your tantric masseuse will teach and guide you through tantric breathing exercises and teach you how to control the pleasure that you receive. This can be a godsend for many guys that can suffer from things like this which can be both embarrassing and a big problem. Through practicing and learning tantra teachings these kind of problems can become a thing of the past!


To book your tantric massage today or if you have any questions/queries/special requests about the tantric massage therapy that we offer then please feel free to call us anytime on 07548 084 241 or you can use the booking form on the website.

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